Trading stock options is more versatile than trading stocks. Options offer a more predictable way to generate sustainable income. Unlike stock trading, which primarily relies on correctly predicting the movement of stock prices, stock options allow traders to not only profit from changes in stock prices but also from the lapse of time or changes in price volatility. Option traders can even make money when the stock price remains stable and unchanged. However, all of these opportunities require more than just intuition and a buy-low-sell-high mindset.

This book covers all the practical prospects of options trade that one needs to know.


This booklet serves as a supplement to the book "Trade Stock Options" by the same author, aimed at providing a quick reference to all the relevant charts presented in the original book.

Profitable trading of stock options requires an understanding of certain intrinsic properties of stock options, as well as the dynamics between the price of a stock option and various market elements. Charts are invaluable tools for visualizing these properties and dynamics, offering substantial assistance. For instance, the theta curve lays the groundwork for some proven trading strategies, suitable for both income generation and speculation.


Solving brain teasers is fun. It is an interesting and engaging activity for a variety of occasions. Being good at solving brain teasers can make one more popular socially and more competitive career-wise. This is because such people are perceived as intrinsically more intelligent and interesting. As a matter of fact, many job interviews also test one's ability to solve brain teasers. Some interviews are entirely made up of them.

This book contains 100 selective brain teasers representing a variety of typical types. What makes this book unique is that it does not simply list problems and give answers. Instead, this book aims to help improve your brain teaser solving skills.

This first chapter of this book introduces different types of brain teasers and their corresponding solving techniques. It also provides advice on what to do and what to avoid. With these in mind, readers can start practice. Many of these problems are very typical. Some of them are coming from real tests and interviews. All problems come with answers. What will be more important is that detailed analysis and relevant notes are also included. They focus on explaining how solutions are derived, where are the traps and what are the hints found in these problems. These will surely help readers to improve their solving skills and become brain teaser masters.


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