C# in Front Office

Written by a front office professional for financial professionals, this book series focus on providing solutions to solve real life problems. They are not introductory books on C# syntax. It is assumed that readers understand the basics of writing regular C# programs and are able to find help online if certain language features are new to them. Actual working experience in a financial instutition and thus understanding real life pains will help get the mot out of the contents.

Since the publish of the first book, the author has received comments and questions from readers all over the world, literally all the continents except Antarctica. They are all very encouraging and valuable. Some of these feedback have been incorporated in later editions. The author welcomes and loves to hear your comments, questions, suggestions and real life stories!

This page contains examples given in these books. Early ones are built in VS2003/2008, and the latest are written in VS2015. They should be all forward compatible. If this is not the case, please kindly notify the author.

C# in Front Office (III)

Time flies. So does the advancement of technology. This third book focus on some new technologies which have become mature and gained popularity in front office development. These include

More on C# in Front Office

This is the 2nd book of this seriese. It is NOT a repleacement to the first. Instead, it covers some additional topics based on readers' feedback. For example:

C# in Front Office

This is the first book which covers many essential applications found on a typical trading floor.

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